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  Hello.  I’m Shano DeLeon.  Thousands of independent home mailers have seen my name on their commission pay checks.  I paid out millions of dollars before I closed my mailing program last year.
   But not for long.  New advances in direct response marketing have produced an income explosion.  Suddenly I again need independent home mailers to help me cash in and share the profits.  Your part is easier than ever.  If you can stick a postage stamp and a mailing label on a postcard, you have what it takes to receive nice, fat checks, signed by me and delivered right to your mailbox.
   Would an extra few thousand dollars a month help with your bills?  Would it help you buy things you want but couldn’t afford before?  You bet it would, and you deserve it!  My checks have helped many others enjoy happier and more prosperous lives.  I’d like to start sending them to you too.

Proven Reliability.
Real Checks to Real People.

   This isn’t wishful thinking.  I have a proven record of sending checks all over the country to people working at home as my mailers.  Some have received checks over $10,000.00 week after week.  The biggest check I ever paid for a single week was $37,117.83.  Overall, I’ve paid out millions of dollars. 
No other company I know of has enabled independent mailers to earn so much money so easily.

   Though a few mailers take full advantage and earn huge checks, I do not design my programs to make rich people richer.  I think of how I can best help people like Clara Wiggins, a nice grandmother I met through my business.  Her husband died, leaving a pile of unpaid nursing home and medical bills that weren’t covered by insurance.  With the extra income from my mailing program, she was able to pay off her bills and keep from losing her home.  I find it tremendously satisfying when my program can give someone the extra two or three thousand dollars a month they need to end their money worries and enjoy a better life.  Read what some of my mailers have said.

"After looking for so long, I never thought there was a way to get paid working at home.  Now because of you I have money coming in regularly."

Paula Grimes, TN
"Thank you for all the wonderful checks.  This has been a big help to me.  I told my friend about your program, and she wants to get in too."

Rachel Zastrow, AZ
"Thank you for the check for last week.  It was bigger than I expected.  I've tried mailing programs before, but this is easier than any of them."

Pete Olafsen, MN

Why I Urgently Need More Mailers

   I discontinued my previous mailing program when I converted my order processing and product delivery to the Internet.  Now it’s totally automatic.  I no longer have the bother and expense of an outside office, warehouse, and employees.  It’s great.
   But my biggest surprise was the discovery that, for my kind of products, the combination of mail marketing with Internet marketing is much easier and more profitable than either one alone.  It’s an income bonanza!  To take full advantage, I again need independent home mailers.  That’s why I’m eager to start sending you checks.

 Your Part Is Easy

In my new “Easy Paycheck Program,” the Internet makes your part easier and my part more profit-able for both of us.  I give away a free “Beginner’s Income Package” to people who want to make money on the Internet.

   It doesn’t take a big sales letter to give away a valuable free gift.  All it takes is a postcard.  That makes your part easy.  You simply mail my postcards to people who are looking for ways to earn extra money from home.  Millions of such “opportunity seeker” names and addresses are readily available.

   Your postcards include your mailer ID number coded into the link the reader uses to access his or her free package on the Internet.  I take it from there.  I provide the prospect with valuable information, free e-books (electronic books), and free software in a series of emails.  With each email, I recommend the purchase of various products or services for increasing his or her income.

   My advanced marketing system, with web pages created by top Internet marketing experts, is much more powerful than any single sales letter.  It greatly increases the chance of making a sale, and it can bring multiple orders from the same prospect.

Most of the Money
Goes to You

   I pay you 70% of all the money your prospects spend at my website.  No matter when they buy anything within the following year, you get 70% of their money.  This is an astounding commission rate, particularly for the Internet.  And I’m happy to pay it.

    My high commission rates are a key reason why my mailing programs have been so successful.  Though my part of the sales process is now much bigger than yours, I see no reason to change a formula that has proven to work so well.  The Internet is a goldmine, with plenty of money for both of us.

   And there’s more.  With my Easy Paycheck Program, you also make money from people who do not have Internet access.  They are asked to return the postcard for details on making money at home.  I’ll pay you one dollar for each postcard returned, no matter if the prospect ever buys anything or not.

   It’s win-win.  If your postcards can’t bring you money one way, they can do it the other way.
What People Say
 (Comments from earlier mailers.)

“I’ve sent for opportunities for over 15 years and this is the first one to generate an appreciable income for me.”
-Alan Royce, TX

"It's nice to be able to pay off my bills.  I like the work too because I can do it while watching TV."
-John Ackerman, WI

"The extra money is great. I've got the whole family pitching in and we have fun doing it."
-Joanne Cummings, SD

"This really works good.  I never did anything like this before, and it's a lot of fun.  The extra money is a big help.
-Millie Patrini, NY

I received more income in the last three months from you than I received all year working with a different company.
-Wendy Nichols, FL

"Thanks for your great program and prompt payments.  When I saw my check was over $400, I decided to get serious and really start making money with this."
-Mat Wilson, NJ

"I just wanted to thank you.  It is nice to know that there are still real honest people out there.  You are helping so many families who need more income."
-Larry Clark, LA

"I thank you so much for your program.  I've done others but your program is the best yet."
-Nancy Powell, NY

"I have been very happy with your paycheck system.  It really is amazing.  I received more pay-checks than I ever expected."
-Gene Saunders, AZ

“I have tried every system out there and yours is by far the best.  The extra money I’ve earned has allowed me to quit my job and buy a new car.”
-Ross Brill, CA
Earn More Money than Ever Before...
And Do It Easier

   People loved the money they made in my previous high-paying mailing programs.  Now, by adding Internet marketing, my new “Easy Paycheck Program” can put more money in your bank account than ever before.  You could receive over a hundred dollars just from mailing a single postcard.  Here are ten reasons why my new program is so easy and profitable.

1.    All you have to mail is postcards.  They are cheaper to print and cheaper to mail than sales letters with envelopes. 

2.    Postcards get their message across to more people.  They can throw away an envelope without opening it, but everyone reads the heading on a postcard.

3.    My postcards offer a valuable “Beginner’s Income Package” absolutely free.  Anyone who is looking for extra income would want to check out this free Internet offer.

4.    Prospects receive valuable information and free software in a series of emails, making them much more receptive to the offers I recommend for purchase.

5.    The Internet can deliver longer, more effective sales messages than could ever fit on a printed 4-page sales letter.

6.    With royalty-free duplication rights to over $10,000.00 worth of e-books and software, I can create compelling Internet offers that give tremendous value for the price.

7.    More sales are generated because my website conveniently accepts payment by credit card and by instant electronic check from anyone with a checking account.

8.    With my innovative dollar-per-inquiry feature, you make money even from postcard recipients who do not have Internet access.

9.    Aside from mailing postcards, you can make money by giving people your Internet link in other easy ways, and it costs little or nothing to do it.

10.    By sending a series of emails, I greatly increase the chance of making one or more sales to each prospect, and you get 70% of all the money he or she spends.

Turn a Few Hours a Week Into Steady Income

   Imagine how delightful it would be to easily pay your bills each month and have money left over for the things you desire.  All it takes is a few hours per week preparing and mailing my postcards.  When you see how well it works, you may want to increase your mailings and earn serious income.  It’s up to you.  As an independent contractor, not an employee, you can mail as much or as little as you want whenever you choose.  And you can stop or take time off whenever you feel like it.

   You’ll like how my system protects your privacy.  Though you must pay income tax on your net earnings, you do not have to file any other papers or get any license or permit.  Your name or address does not appear on the postcards you mail or in any advertising.  Nobody will know where all your money comes from unless you tell them.

   It costs just $34.00 plus $5.00 for shipping to register in my program and receive your Quick-Start Package.  It contains instructions and 60 postcards with 60 opportunity seeker names and addresses on peel-and-stick labels.  A paycheck account with a personal ID number is set up for you.  Write that number in the proper place on each postcard.  Then apply the mailing labels and your postage stamps, and drop the postcards in the mail.  It couldn’t be easier.

   You can order with confidence because the Easy Paycheck Program is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.  When you get your package, read the instructions and see that everything is exactly as I described.  You’ll be delighted.  If not, or if you simply change your mind, you can return everything within 90 days for a full refund.  No questions asked.
Easy as 1-2-3
1.  Apply address labels, stamps, and your ID number to the postcards.
2.  Mail the postcards.
3.  Cash or deposit the checks I send you.
Get These Free Bonus Gifts

   Order within 5 days and I’ll include three valuable reports with your starting package.  They are packed with eye-opening facts from my 28 years of experience researching and writing about making money at home.  Here’s a brief description.

Home Income
Research Report

I’ve published 3 income opportunity directories including the only one ever to report the results of actually doing the work-at-home programs listed.  Learn the truth behind the advertising including the secrets to those “amazing in-come discoveries.”
Secrets of
Stuffing Envelopes

Yes, some companies do pay home workers just to stuff envelopes.  I’ve done so myself.  Here I explain the various kinds of envelope stuffing, how you get such work, and why you seldom get what you expect when you buy envelope stuffing offers. 
Secrets of
Commission Mailing

I’ve run some of the highest pay-ing mailing programs ever.  But while some mailers earned checks of $5,000 to $25,000 week after week, others complained that they couldn’t make any money.  Learn what they did wrong and what the high earners did right."

   I’m delighted to again have the country’s best-paying mailing program, and I’m happy that you found out about it while I still have openings.  It’s your chance to catch up on the money you’ve been missing out on all this time.  Complete the application form right now.  The sooner you apply, the sooner you can start.  I’m looking forward to sending you your first check.


Shano DeLeon

   PS. Remember, each postcard can bring you up to $100.00 or more, and you can mail as many as you want.  Pulling big profits from the Internet has never before been as easy as this.  Go ahead and get your share.  You are fully protected by my 100% money-back guarantee.

   To get started right away, you can order on the Internet and pay with a credit card.  Use the payment link below to order your package.  You can get a Set of 60 Quick Start Package for $39 including First Class shipping.  There is also an option to get a Double Set of 120 for $49 with Free Priority Mail shipping.  Using Google checkout is free and keeps your credit card information private.

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