MSI Direct Response
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Welcome to MSI Direct Response, your full-service Mailing Team.  Our mission is to manage your direct mail advertising campaigns to make it easy and convenient for you to take advantage of direct mail and to maximize the profit it produces.

We can handle all aspects of your campaigns or just the ones you specify. Our services include...

  • Designing your mailing piece with attractive graphics and effective advertising copy,
  • Printing your mailing piece while being able to pass on cost savings due to our large overall volume,
  • Supervising the preparation and execution of your mailings,
  • Using our experience and industry contacts to choose the mailing lists that are likely to yield the best results for your offer,
  • Tracking results so mailing list selection can be further optimized to produce maximum profit.

Our business is built on quality, affordability, speed, and most importantly, effectiveness. Within a few days, your mailing can be in the hands of prospects nationwide who are eager to respond to your offer.

Affiliate Marketing

We specialize in managing campaigns for Internet affiliate marketing. For certain kinds of Internet offers, postcards are far more effective than email. More than 95% of commercial email goes unread, while everyone sees a postcard and at least reads the heading. Because many affiliates may mail postcards for any one program, we can save money on production costs and pass that savings on to you.

We can set up an automatic weekly marketing campaign for you so you can build your business with the benefit of consistent advertising. Our online ordering system makes it easy for you to order that or any other combination of services that fit your needs.

We welcome you as a client and look forward to working with you to achieve success in your direct mail campaigns and your business.

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